About the Author




Kelci E. is a fully licensed therapist in Texas. When she created the Supervision Journal and the Supervision Planner while she was a provisional licensed therapist. She graduated with her Master's in Clinical Mental Health in 2019 at the University of Mary Hardin Baylor (UMHB) and received her Provisional license in 2020. Kelci E. created LaMe Essentials from the experience of poor supervision matching. Kelci understood poor supervision matching was possible but never thought she would have to experience it. After experiencing seven months of poor supervision and changing to a better-fit supervisor, she wanted to create a way to be more organized for supervision and not feel unorganized and unprepared for supervision.  

After thinking through what could be of assistance for her she thought of others who were also having this same concern of being organized. his passion soon developed what is now known as The Supervision Journal. The Supervision Journal provides thought-provoking questions and habits to assist provisional clinicians in self-awareness, communication, clinician identity, trust building, and ways to be organized for supervision while partnering with their supervisor. Kelci used the supervision journal to track her development as a clinician, aligning herself to be the best clinician she imagined herself to be and wishing the same for others.